CELTA - Your ticket to teaching English around the world

CELTA is a recognised Cambridge Certificate in English Language teaching to adults, and is a great opportunity for individuals who have an interest in teaching other individuals, as well as groups of people the language of English. This Certificate certifies your ability to teach English to those whom English is not there first language such as foreign students. This Qualification is internationally recognised and also gives you the opportunity to be able to teach oversees, due to holding a recognised certificate upon completion, which is a great for those who have a love for teaching and possibly working abroad!

The duration of the course is a total of 4-5 weeks, teaching you all the necessary skills that are needed to become a successful qualified adult language teacher. You will be required to demonstrate your ability through physically teaching an adult class. You will also be required to complete two written assignments of around 750 - 1,000 words each. The written assignments include being able to analyse and respond to adult learner needs, analyse language for teaching purpose and reflecting on classroom teaching.

Having this recognised qualification and being able to teach anywhere in the world will also give you the ability to meet loads of new people and explore diverse cultures. Despite the duration of the course only being about a month, it aids you with skills and techniques that are needed to succeed and develop long term after the course is finished. It also helps you to become listener, communicator and a planner! This certificate is perfect way to break into the TEFL industry. One of the true benefits of the course is that it teaches students how to continue to grow as a teacher even after finishing the course. CELTA course aids learners with a variety of classroom methods and also covering language analysis; methods on how to use language resources. It also teaches you tips on how to find a job once you have completed the course. The course simply provides you with a concrete foundation that you build upon throughout your years of teaching after completion.

Nicki, originally from Auckland obtained a CELTA certificate, and then decided that she wanted to teach in various countries. She spent 7 years teaching and travelling at the same time in places such as Doha, Qatar, Barcelona and the United Kingdom where she decided to settle after meeting her now husband.

Sarah has been teaching for almost 9 years in 7 different countries. She states that the most beneficial factor is that despite she teaches, she feels free and spends her days teaching and her evenings and weekends exploring the country she is in. She refers it to is as more of a holiday as even within teaching she is exploring different cultures and always getting to meet lots of new people through the course. Three years into her teaching career her husband also decided to complete the course and join her in her adventure. Sarah also states that the appreciation she gets from her students after they have successfully completed the course is heartwarming and rewarding, something that keeps her going and drives her passion deeper into teaching. Her husband states that nothing can be better than helping people learn and hearing about how they have benefited from it in the future, as they tend to keep in contact with many of there students.

Imagine having a job that is pretty much recession-proof. That's exactly what this is. English, as the most globally spoken language, ensures a constant demand of TEFL teachers, which means you will never be out of a job despite the financial situation of a country.

What more can you ask for than having a job that gives you the ability and skill to teach people abroad in all different regions according to your preference. In other words you could be travelling and earning money at the same time.

CELTA is your ticket to teaching English around the world. An opportunity that is far too great to miss. If you love teaching and possibly travelling then this course is perfect for you! It is best described as an open door to being your own boss, with freedom to teach wherever you go.

If you're in Auckland, NZLC provide a great CELTA Course that's well worth doing before embarking on your travels.